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ftgl-2.1.3rc5p10v0 – font rendering library for OpenGL applications (cvsweb github mirror)


FTGL is a font rendering library for OpenGL applications.

Supported rendering modes are:

    * Bitmaps
    * Anti-aliased pixmaps
    * Texture maps
    * Outlines
    * Polygon meshes
    * Extruded polygon meshes

FTGL uses the Freetype font library to open and decode standard font
files. It then takes that output and stores it in a format most
efficient for OpenGL rendering.

FTGL is designed to be used in commercial quality software. It has been
written with performance, robustness and simplicity in mind.

FTGL is free software. You may use it, modify it and redistribute it
under the terms of the MIT license or the GNU LGPL, at your option.
WWW: https://ftgl.wiki.sourceforge.net


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