The geo/tilecache port

tilecache-2.11p3 – tile caching frontend for WMS/TMS services (source)


TileCache provides a Python-based WMS-C/TMS server, with pluggable
caching mechanisms and rendering backends. In the simplest use case,
TileCache requires only write access to a disk, the ability to run
Python CGI scripts, and a WMS you want to be cached. With these
resources, you can create your own local disk-based cache of any WMS
server, and use the result in any WMS-C supporting client, like
OpenLayers, or any TMS supporting client, like OpenLayers and worldKit.

Note that you might need py-paste if you want to use Tilecache through
WSGI or FastCGI, and/or py-memcached if you plan to use a Memcached
caching backend. See for details.


Landry Breuil


geo graphics lang/python

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