The devel/py-fasteners,python3 port

py3-fasteners-0.18p0 – Python package that provides useful locks (cvsweb github mirror)


The fasteners module includes the following:

Locking decorator

    Helpful locked decorator (that acquires instance objects lock(s) and
    acquires on method entry and releases on method exit).

Reader-writer locks

    Multiple readers (at the same time).  Single writers (blocking any
    readers).  Helpful read_locked and write_locked decorators.

Inter-process locks

    Single writer using file based locking (these automatically release
    on process exit, even if __release__ or __exit__ is never called).
    Helpful interprocess_locked decorator.

Generic helpers

    A try_lock helper context manager that will attempt to acquire a
    given lock and provide back whether the attempt passed or failed (if
    it passes, then further code in the context manager will be ran with
    the lock acquired).
WWW: https://github.com/harlowja/fasteners


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