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squeezelite- – lightweight headless squeezebox player (cvsweb github mirror)


Squeezelite is a small squeezebox emulator using PortAudio. It is
headless, and must be controlled via Logitech Media Server. It supports
gapless playback, client synchronization (allowing groups of clients for
simultaneous playback), and direct streaming for those LMS plugins which
require it. It has a built-in decoder for PCM (wav/aiff); other formats
(flac, mp3, ogg, aac, wma, alac) are available via libraries. It has
resampling support via libsoxr.
WWW: https://github.com/ralph-irving/squeezelite


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Squeezelite is a software program emulating a Squeezebox music player.
It requires a running Logitech Media Server on your network to control it
and stream music to it.

It can normally auto-detect the server's address, but in more complicated
network setups you may need to configure it specifically, e.g. by using
"rcctl set squeezelite flags -s ". To set a particular client
name to appear, use "-n ".

sndiod does not normally allow access to audio from two different user
accounts. On a desktop configuration this restriction is inconvenient -
in that case you will usually want to allow Squeezelite to share access
to sndiod with your normal login user. This can be done by copying (not
linking) .sndio/cookie from your home directory to /var/squeezelite/.sndio.
If Squeezelite is run stand-alone or you don't need to share access to
the audio device, this can be omitted.


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