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GNU Solfege is an ear training program written to help you train
intervals, chords, scales, and rhythms. The program is intended to help
music students with their ear training.

Some of the existing exercises:

* Recognize melodic and harmonic intervals
* Compare interval sizes
* Sing the intervals the computer asks for
* Identify chords
* Sing chords
* Sing tone from chords: root, third, fifth, etc.
* Scales
* Dictation
* Rhythm dictation
* Remembering rhythmic patterns
* Theory: name intervals and scales
* Cadences

If this is not enough for you, Solfege is written to make it easy to
extend or modify the existing exercises, or write completely new ones.

Intonation studies are currently unavailable.
WWW: https://www.gnu.org/software/solfege/


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