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audiality2-1.9.4 – realtime audio and music engine for games (cvsweb github mirror)


Audiality 2 is a realtime audio and music engine, primarily intended for
video games. While it supports traditional sample playback as well as
additive, subtractive and granular synthesis, the distinctive feature is
subsample accurate realtime scripting.

Audiality 2 generates sound and music using a tree graph of voices, driven
by user defined programs running on a virtual machine. Voices are modular,
allowing custom combinations of oscillators, filters and other units.

Each voice is controlled by a program (user defined script code) that can be
given initial arguments, and receive messages for realtime control. A
program can (recursively) spawn other programs on subvoices, and control
these by sending messages.

Timing is subsample accurate, and durations can be specified in
milliseconds, or in terms of user defined musical ticks.
WWW: http://audiality.org/


Anthony J. Bentley



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